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Have full control over your advertising costs. We stand by the quality of our leads and do not require any commitments from our customers.

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Talk to leads in your area of choice and focus on converting them into sales. We have one of the highest lead contact rates in the industry, find out why.

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Leads are confirmed and delivered exclusively to you within in minutes of the customer applying. Exclusive actually means exclusive, we do not multi-sell leads.

The Car Loan Lead Guarantee

We are accountable and guarantee our leads.

Leads have a residual value. That value belongs to the dealership, not the lead provider. That's why when you work with Car Loan Leads the leads your dealership receives are exclusive and only belong to your team.

Furthermore, we believe so strongly in the quality of our leads that they are GUARANTEED.

We ACCEPT RETURNS on leads that do not meet our minimum guarantee requirements.

Our acceptance of lead returns is very equitable and in accordance with what all of our dealer principals have come to expect of us over 10+ years. It is a symbiotic relationship and nothing less. We maintain integrity and business etiquette in the provision of leads, and our terms for lead returns are identified below.

Please be aware of our terms of service and policy for providing lead replacement to clients.

All leads must have the following criteria or can be returned for a replacement lead.

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • an accurate point of contact as per the application details, or a representative of the applicant, who had prior knowledge of the application being submitted in their behalf

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • an accurate email or an accurate telephone number for phone call follow up or text messaging applications

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • applicant must be a legal resident of Canada

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • applicant must be at the age of majority in the province of residence

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • applicant must receive a minimum of $2,000/month in income

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • applicant must be working for 90 days or if they are retired have provable income from them/spouse

Car Loan Active Car Buyer Leads • applicant must have a driver’s license

For a lead return, simply send back the exact lead as received within 48 hours (maximum of 72 hours without exception) with an explanation of the details for the return, and it will be reviewed. If the lead return is accepted, you will be notified and the lead will be replaced.

Contact Car Loan Leads via email to learn about The Car Loan Lead Guarantee.

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The leads have converted higher then any other lead provider we have used.

Finance Manager, East Coast

They have done everything they advertise and more. The team at Car Loan Leads is a great partner.

Dealer Principal, BC

We get a lot more customers on the phone. We highly recommend their leads, we have done quite well with them.

Sales Manager, GTA
Canada's Leading Provider Of Auto Finance Leads Purchase Leads!

Car Loan Leads is a Division of cmi Media inc. We are Canada's leading provider of high quality and confirmed auto finance leads. Our team consists of experts across various marketing and automotive verticals that spend their day focused on generating the highest quality leads possible.

Our premium lead service insures that leads are confirmed and qualified. We make certain that the lead you receive is in your area of choice and delivered by any means you choose. Our leads are real time engaged car buyers looking for auto loan financing.

  • No Set up Fees
  • No Commitments
  • No Contracts To Sign
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Real Time Leads
  • Guaranteed Leads
  • Precise Targeting
  • Top Notch Quality Control
  • Data Compliance (we take privacy seriously)

We stand by the quality of our leads and do not require any commitments from our customers.

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Our agency initiates campaigns that will provide dealerships + dealership groups active car buyer leads on a national, provincial or city radius level. While doing so, we maintain a paramount of integrity and acumen while being attentive to the needs of our car buyer audience as we place value and loyalty at the core of our relationships.

  • Our auto finance leads maximize a dealerships marketing stack, conversion ratios and ROI
  • We are one of Canada's leading providers of car loan leads, have generated auto finance leads for 9+ years direct to dealerships, wholesalers and agencies
  • 800,000+ car loan leads have ben sold successfully since 2014
  • Precise Targeting
  • Unmatched Support And Account Management

We are a Canadian company with a delicious appetite.

Our company edict is driven by a commitment to position the dealership judiciously for growth and profit with trust, etiquette, protocol and transparency.

The vision behind our work is distinct and clear. The formula is simple at its core; we create and implement the marketing initiative and match that effort with follow through that will craft a long-term relationship with our client.

Contact our agency and begin a conversation with our team pertaining to lead generation solutions and emerging marketing initiatives to identify and acquire active subprime car buyers exclusively for your dealership.